Shaftesbury Casino Expands with Acquisition of New Site in Dudley
11 March 2024
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How To Play Blackjack
20 May 2024

Shaftesbury Casino Dudley Launch Is A Royal Flush!

Saturday 18th May saw the official launch of Shaftesbury Casino Dudley, with the new Castle Hill venue drawing in a fantastic crowd to celebrate Dudley’s newest entertainment venue.

Guests were treated to an electrifying performance by a renowned Freddie Mercury tribute artist, who brought the legendary Queen frontman’s energy and charisma to the stage. The tribute act set the tone for a night filled with excitement, nostalgia, and high spirits.

As part of the launch festivities, Shaftesbury Casino offered every guest a complimentary £10 free bet, allowing them to try their luck on a wide range ofclassic table games. This exclusive offer was a huge hit, with many guests enjoying their first taste of the thrilling gaming experience that Shaftesbury Casino promises to deliver.

The event was a huge success, with visitors remarking on the electrifying atmosphere, astonishing wins and exceptional entertainment. Charles Griffin, General Manager at Shaftesbury Casino Dudley said:

“Here at Shaftesbury Casino, our core aim is to provide unparalleled entertainment across the West Midlands. The successful launch of our Dudley casino branch allows us to continue bringing the best entertainment to our customers across the region.

“We’re here to be the go-to location for live entertainment and stellar performances, thrilling gambling experiences, and fantastic food and beverages in Dudley. So, if you’re passing by, looking to unwind, or looking for a top-notch night out that is just a stone’s throw from Dudley High Street, come on by – our team would be delighted to welcome you!”

Shaftesbury Casino is set to become Dudley’s premier entertainment destination, offering not only an extensive array of gaming options but also regular live performances, local dining, and special events. The casino’s state-of-the-art facilities and exceptional customer service aim to provide an unforgettable experience for all visitors. 

Planning your next night out in Dudley? 

Searching for a venue that combines premium entertainment, exceptional food and beverages, and an array of tables and games to suit every taste? Look no further than Shaftesbury Casino Dudley! With an exciting roster of live entertainers, regular offers for newcomers and the chance to win big, you’re sure to have a night to remember at our new Dudley casino. Plan your visit here!